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Hopeland Institute

Conveniently located near the main bus station in Cheraga.

Cheraga, Algiers. Tel: 0550 516 515

Email: info@hopelanddz.com

FB group (members only): Hopeland Institute Algeria

FB group (members only): Hopeland English Book Club

LinkedIn: Hopeland Institute


Hopeland Madrasat Ardh al Amal (MAA)

Boudjemaa Temim 1, 800 meters from the public primary school.

Draria, Algiers. Tel: 0560 338 437

Email: MAA@hopelanddz.com

Lehrst du Deutsch? Lernst du Deutsch?

Hopeland is the sole distributor in Algeria for Hueber Verlag. 
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Hopeland Institute

(Cheraga, Algiers):

0550 516 515


Hopeland MAA

(Draria, Algiers):

0560 338 437


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